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And so it begins.

The previous entry had to be deleted and re-posted in order for this journal to be made into a community. Staying true to "slacker" fashion, I made the journal for this, then figured I'd get back to it so I can make it into a community rather than just another journal.

Thank you to tibirius for getting the ball rolling as far as our first entry. And thanks also goes to animeg for the thoughtful comment.

See, I do good, yes?

Well, stay tuned for more updates soon. Currently, our mission is to search through piles of sketch books for shots of the characters which we all inspired. And maybe, just maybe, we can get a script or opening scene to go along with the characters. Ah well, this is a new beginning and I'm proud to be doing it with friends.

Also, stay tuned for our resident artist. Well, because tibirius and I aren't as handy with a pencil as our friend Arsen.
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