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Monday, April 26th, 2004
10:02 pm
I can hear the crickets chirping.
Yo! this space for rent?

I've got more notes to post, and I'll be getting to them when I can, as for the long dark wait in between posts, I can only chalk it up to lots of life changes and the eventual grinding halt the weight of which, can drop on you.

In short, I've just been slacking.

Skipping the melodrama, I'll get to what's important in the next few days. Slackers notes. :)

If anyone has some excess motivational angst, anger, or just a really passionate burning desire to break something, please share. I need a spark.

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
7:29 pm
Odd notes.

Time for a quick promised update from my old notebook. For sake of ease, and as a nice refresher, I give you... The Character Bios!

The original notes are a hell of a snapshot of our old selves warped by comic license. With that in mind I take full responsibility for any hurt feelings, OR inflated egos. I had fun writing these out at the diner way back when, but they remain incomplete, and don’t reflect us as we are now much at all…

[Note: Objects in the mind's eye may be more demented then they appear.]

The notes are mostly unedited, and current additions will show up in italics… assuming I can figure out HOW to do italics in HTML… oh boy. Anyway, I'll give some commentary about each bio as well. It works for DVD extras!

Alex (aka: Chrono; the Timeless Pimp.):

HT: 5’9”
WT: 175 lbs.
Blood type: “BWAH!”
Weapon(s): Keyboard.
Likes: Women who don’t piss him off, slammin’ music, Mac’in it. Oldschool standups.
Dislikes: Women who piss him off. Don’t get him started on the rest.
Quote: “They call me Chrono.”

What can I say, the man has a subtle way about himself, and could pull off a relaxed commentary about anything, unless it pisses him off. Women would ussually be the subject of the more energetic statments I've been around for. I really didn't have much to work with for a bio, he's too laid back!


HT: 5’7”
WT:175 lbs.
Blood type: Caffeinated tar, Nicotine marinated Tao.
Weapon(s): Katana, Cynicism, The Tao De Ching, Nietzsche's soul.
Likes: Artistic inspiration, Daria, Gaining inner peace though systematic destruction of opponent’s spirit, Ryu’s Duffel and Sandals way of life.
Dislikes: Artist’s block, taxes, hangovers, mornings, nature, the human race.
Quote: “Fuck. Off.” [Note: I should have let him write his own.]

This is a dark image of the man, even for then! I figured there'd be enough laid back attitudes from everyone else and though Arsen would make a good angsty comic character rather then truley calm and collected as he would often be during action sequences. He'd let it out in quips and putdowns more then broadband drama because, as a slacker, drama takes too much effort. I was hoping to use that as a contrast for the clueless energy the any of the crew WILL cause given the proper situation.


HT: 5’4”
WT: 140 lbs.
Blood type: Cranberry Red Dole +
Weapon(s): Limp Umbrella, Faulty Reasoning, Infinite Clones.
Likes: Hanging out, getting the upper hand, Mai Shiranui, Kaoru Nagisa, Understanding Cranberry Sauce on a spiritual level.
Dislikes: Never getting the upper hand, Getting smacked, DYING, People who don’t understand cranberry sauce.
Quote: “Hey guys, why are the bad guys running away?” "What do you mean, Kaoru is gay?"

Ummm... I think I went overboard, but somebody needed to be the kickaround. As it was, the concept was funny as hell. Given the immortality he effectivly has
he'd never grow up, because he would never NEED to, ensuring a weak character that is expendable. The Twist is that because he's so expendable with the unlimited cloning, the crew uses him like a Leatherman tool. The "All Purpose Decoy and Body Shield."

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
1:53 pm
Our resident artist. Arsen.

Again, if the image doesn't appear off the bat, follow the directions from the previous post.

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1:40 pm
Draven, from Slackers.
Draven If the image doesn't load, right click on it, go to properties, copy and paste the URL into your browser bar and that should give you the image.

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Monday, January 19th, 2004
1:44 pm
Coming real soon...
...as soon as I can find a way to post them up and show them off. I found a few of the sketches the other night of the old crew from Slackers. They should be up in the coming week and maybe even some background story to go with them.

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
12:33 pm
And so it begins.
The previous entry had to be deleted and re-posted in order for this journal to be made into a community. Staying true to "slacker" fashion, I made the journal for this, then figured I'd get back to it so I can make it into a community rather than just another journal.

Thank you to tibirius for getting the ball rolling as far as our first entry. And thanks also goes to animeg for the thoughtful comment.

See, I do good, yes?

Well, stay tuned for more updates soon. Currently, our mission is to search through piles of sketch books for shots of the characters which we all inspired. And maybe, just maybe, we can get a script or opening scene to go along with the characters. Ah well, this is a new beginning and I'm proud to be doing it with friends.

Also, stay tuned for our resident artist. Well, because tibirius and I aren't as handy with a pencil as our friend Arsen.

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12:08 pm
I couldn't resist. (originally posted by tibirius)

I noticed the new journal was devoid of entires so I JUMPED for the first spot! Ha-ha!

Without much to say, I'll just go with the casual "Hey, welcome, soda's in the servebot, (just kick 'im)the games are open territory, food takes effort, (generally avoided) and NEVER kick the penguin."

This should be fun, a cool way to keep creative, in touch, and maybe even cash in at some point. Don't Panic, just let the muse float your boat.

So, what do we pop in the system first? Capcom, or... Other?

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